2008 m. gruodžio 18 d., ketvirtadienis

Christmas Swap

Yesterday was THAT day...

I joined to Swap-game again. This time it was Christmas Swap of small works. I want to show you what relija has got from me (thanks here for pic):

I have used linen, Zweigart 40ct white linen and DMC 815.
At the same time I was unpacking a present to me. I will show you tomorrow ;)

2008 m. gruodžio 8 d., pirmadienis

Handmade Zimtas

Since I found some of my foreign friends reading this blog...- I decided to write it in English. Remember, it`s a big challenge for me (I mean grammar) ;)

Some weeks (or months?) ago I took a part in a project of creating classic Teddy Bear. In the end we had a contest. I am sweeten up by 4th place! Could not expect this because it was a first toy I have ever made! ;)
His name is Zimtas. Coloured with cinnamon, inside - extra cinnamon bags for keeping the smell. A fur is needle felted.... :) P.S. Manau lietuvaitės nesupyks? Negaliu dviem kalbom rašyt ir verst..

2008 m. gruodžio 5 d., penktadienis

Winter Wonderland

Cinamonu dažytas natūralus 32ct Zweigart linas, DMC ir Crescent colours siūliukai. Tiesa, pastaruosius rinkau iš turimų, o ne siūlomus.